Our 350 volunteers help us with creating the high standards of Gothenburg Horse Show. Everyone is working voluntarily, and the days can be long and sometimes very hard! The reward is to be part of a great community and to get the chance to get close to the equestrian sport and its stars. Many of our volunteers return every year, where they are a part of fifteen different groups, with different working areas. Sometimes we have an open spot – maybe it's you we're looking for!

How do we choose our volunteers?
In advance to the show we contact the volunteers from the previous year and ask if they would be interested in helping again. If they say no, or do not respond to our request, the group leader of that working area starts going through our applications list, looking for a new volunteer with the right qualifications. Sometimes we are in the need of "big and strong" volunteers, sometimes it's someone with a driver's license, or maybe someone that is interested in a particular field of work.

To think about:
The different volunteer groups are working a different number of days, but never less than the show itself.
If you are accepted, you have to be prepared to work the entire period that is given to your group. As a volunteer you will be supplied with clothes fitting to your working department, as well as food the hours you are working.

Minimum age is 18 years old. If you are working in the sales department the minimum age is 16 years.

The application for volunteering at Gothenburg Horse Show 2021 will be announced.

The stable group
Our four-footed friends are our most important guests!
The horses must have high standards of living in order to do their best in the ring. It is important that the stables are light, clean and has good ventilation. It also must be supplied with tools, hay, and shaving chip for everyone. If you are part of this group, you will already be working before the horses arrive. You are one of those who are closest to the horse during the show, and the last one to go when they have left.

The arena group
The arena group is our biggest group with almost 100 volunteers. Their main task is to build and to tear down the courses in the arena. There is a lot of equipment for the jumps, and there for there is a lot of preparation before each class, so you know exactly what is needed. Other important tools are measuring tapes, rakes and rags. However, do not forget it has to look good when you are building a World Cup course! Flowers are an important detail and somewhat a trademark for Gothenburg. It was actually Scandinavium who implemented flowers to their shows – which almost every horse show does today.

The sales team
The sales team is a group that works in the arena, the foyer, and in the Euro Horse fair . Their main task is to sell the event-brochure.

Shuttle Service
The volunteers working with the shuttle service makes sure that the riders, their staff, as well as other visitors of Gothenburg Horse Show, get transported to and from Landvetter Airport. The car is of course a Volvo!

The accreditation supplies all guests, riders, horse owner, judges and so on, with accreditation bands. There is a checklist control to make sure that the right person gets the right access to the different areas of the show.

Show office
The volunteers working in the show office receives the notification entry for the riders for each show, raffle draw the starting list, keep the horse numbers in correct order, and much, much more.

If you are working in the catering group, you make sure that the other volunteers are provided with the food they need to manage the days. You are also responsible for the food in the Rider Lounge, where the riders and their families take a small break between classes. The volunteers working in the Legends bar serves around 600-700 meals per day.

Volunteer service
The volunteer service starts a few days before the other volunteer groups. This group makes sure that the other volunteers are provided with the correct information, food vouchers and clothes.

This group is responsible so that every rider and its horse make it to the show arena in the right order and at the right time. This is very important during the classes which are shown on television.

The journalists at Gothenburg Horse Show must be taken care of when press conferences are held. The volunteers working with the press have to keep track on everything from media to other technical issues.

The prize group
When it is time for the prize ceremony, it is important to be organized. The correct flag has to be hoisted, the right people have to attend and be represented and so on. Everything, from the competitive classes, giving out scholarships, and other ceremonies, have to run smoothly.

The VIP-group takes care of our hospitality guests. This group will man the VIP-entrance where the tickets are exchanged for VIP-bands. You will hold "behind the scenes"-tours as well as being a host/hostess in the sponsor-lounge and in the VIP-village.

The responsibility of the pool group is to help when it is needed. Sometimes we have sudden defections within groups, our that a group needs extra help during a certain time - that's when we need your help! It can be anything from working in the shuttle services, building fences in the arena, or to help out with accreditation.

The web-group makes sure that all information gets out on our social media channels. You will take pictures for Instagram, write interviews on our website or update our followers on Facebook about what is going on in the arena. When working in the web-group you need to be good at writing and have a passion for social media!