Ticket information

I’ve kept my ticket from 2022. Which day is it valid for?

Tickets from 2022 are valid for the same day of the week as the original ticket. So if you bought a ticket for Wednesday in 2022, it will be valid for Wednesday in 2023.

Wednesday 23 February 2022 -> Wednesday 22 February 2023
Thursday 24 February 2022 -> Thursday 23 February 2023
Friday 25 February 2022 -> Friday 24 February 2023
Saturday 26 February 2022 -> Saturday 25 February 2023
Sunday 27 February 2022 -> Sunday 26 February 2023

Why are whole-day tickets no longer available for all days?

We want to give ticket-buyers greater opportunity to customise their experience at the Gothenburg Horse Show, while also giving more people the chance to enjoy the specific parts of the programme in which they are most interested.

Why can’t I select my own seat when buying a Series ticket or a Greatest Fan ticket?

Due to temporary technical limitations, this function does not work for these particular types of ticket, and you will instead be directed to the best possible seat by Ticketmaster’s system. It is regrettable if this affects your purchase.

We are a riding club and want to buy many tickets. How should we proceed?

If at least 20 people want to attend the same performance, you can book tickets at youth prices, regardless of their age. This offer applies to single tickets and Series tickets. Book your tickets here, using Ticketmaster’s form for corporate bookings https://help.ticketmaster.se/hc/sv/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000623473 


Are there spaces for wheelchairs?

Wheelchair spaces can be booked via ticketmaster.se, in the same was as regular tickets. The booking of a wheelchair space includes the free admission of one escort. If additional escorts are required, please contact Ticketmaster by telephone on 0776-707777. Entrance is via our regular entrances. Spaces are available on row 6 of sections C, D, G, J, R and T.

Will there be audio descriptions and sign language interpreting?

Yes, audio descriptions and sign language interpreting will be available (in Swedish) throughout the entire event, but you must have booked a dedicated ticket for audio description or sign language. These ticket types are selected at the point of purchase. Audio descriptions and sign language interpreting are provided via Got Event’s accessibility app, which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.  The service is then activated by clicking on the broadcast in question under “direktsändningar”. 

I have a hearing impairment. Can I get amplified arena sound at Scandinavium?

Yes. Got Event’s accessibility app provides amplified arena sound (audio induction loop) via your mobile phone and headphones, regardless of where you are in the arena. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


May I take my dog with me to Scandinavium?

No. Only registered assistance dogs and guide dogs for the visually impaired are permitted inside Scandinavium.

Who is the organiser of the Gothenburg Horse Show?

The Gothenburg Horse Show is organised by the City of Gothenburg’s events and arena company, Got Event.

Are private individuals allowed to take pictures?

Private individuals are not permitted to use professional system cameras or video equipment (with interchangeable lenses). Compact cameras and cameras on mobile phones may be used. The pictures may only be taken for private use. Out of consideration to the riders and horses, flash photography is not permitted inside the arena.

As for all other events, only accredited photographers are permitted to bring system cameras.

Will EuroHorse be open?

EuroHorse will be open on 23-26 February. Tickets for the Gothenburg Horse Show on Wednesday 22 February will also be valid for EuroHorse on Thursday 23 February.

More information is available at https://eurohorse.se/