Traditional and popular jumping equitation cup for our pony riders.

Winner of Sverigeponnyn 2020, Tilda Törnberg and Poetic Vanilla Ice.
Photo: Johan Lilja

The cup is open for pony riders with a pony up to 140 cm to the withers. You ride a jumping course over small fences and are judged on how well you can handle your pony over and in between the obstacles. The competition form is called jumping equitation and in Scandinavium it will be judged and commented. Pony riders can qualify all over the country, and a number of qualifiers are arranged during autumn and winter. A lucky few reach the final, it is a goal for many and a memory for life.

The cup is open for riders that previously or currently has not qualified for the Swedish pony championships, and / or has not participated in the finals of the GP pony cup or Sweden’s pony cup. Riders can only ride ponies measured up to 140 cm and only in one qualifier.

The number of qualified from each qualifier depends on the number of participants and there is a limit to 80 participants in each qualifier.

One qualified when 2-20 participate
Two qualified when 21-40 participate

Three qualified when 41-60 participate

Four qualified when 61-80 participate

What is jumping equitation?

A judge observes a number of traits in a protocol and looks at: the rider’s seat, rhythm, impact, temp during the course and choice of path to the fence. The ideal is for the rider to have a good balance in the saddle. The judge looks at the rider’s seat both between and over the fences. Over the fence it is important to remain steady, remain well positioned on your pony and stay balanced.

The rider’s aids and their impact on the pony is also judged and a good position in the saddle is a key element. The perfect Equitation round should be one of rhythm, fluency and precision. The judges want to see a ride with a planned path, good rhythm and control. The rider’s aids are intended to help the pony to better jumps and the pony is meant to respond willingly to these aids (legs, seat, arms, hands as well as voice commands). The rhythm should be adjusted to suit the pony’s way of working and jumping, preferably at an even rhythm.

Jumping equitation is popularly referred to as style jumping but it is not a beauty pageant. It is quite enough with “clean and dusted” and a well-mannered impression. The pony is to be braided with plaits and a natural well-kept mane. If your pony has a very long mane it is a good idea to make a long embedded braid to enhance security.