Lövsta Future Challenge

The vision of the Lövsta Future Challenge is to promote and develop Swedish equestrian sports by creating a broader base of Grand Prix combinations in jumping and dressage. At the Gothenburg Horse Show in 2020, the LFC Jumping final competitions for Young Horses and Under-25 riders will be decided, and in 2020 we will be introducing the International Lövsta Future Challenge Under-25 classes in Dressage.

The LFC Jumping classes are divided into Young Horses and Under-25s and the finals will be decided during the Gothenburg Horse Show. The LCF International Dressage consists of one Grand Prix class and one Freestyle to Music (Kür). 

The collaboration between GHS and Lövsta Future Challenge is entirely in line with the common goal of developing Swedish equestrian sports by giving young talent – both horses and riders – the right conditions to develop and be able to compete in the international Grand Prix.

In 2019/2020, the fifth season of the Lövsta Future Challenge Jumping U25 will begin. Several of the former LFC U25 riders, such as Erica Swartz, Jonna Ekberg and Evelina Tovek, have had a number of international successes, which shows what a successful concept LFC U25 is. It is also one of the goals of the Lövsta Future Challenge, to encourage and develop young talent for an international career. 

The five U25 riders who will be taking part in the Gothenburg Horse Show were born between 1996 and 2005. They have collected ranking points on three qualifying occasions during the autumn and winter, and at Scandinavium they will ride against international top riders in all classes, except the World Cup and the special classes. The best overall rider at the Gothenburg Horse Show will win the LFC Jumping U25. You can easily recognize the riders as they will all be wearing a green armband.

In 2020, Janelle Larsson brought home victory, and was the best overall rider with fantastic results in the international jumping classes.

During the Gothenburg Horse Show, Sweden's best 7-year-olds will face international competition in the same age group. Over three final rounds, we will see the stars of the future test their mettle in front of a packed Scandinavium.

The event, which aims to inspire riders and horse owners to continue to compete internationally, is an incredible experience for the whole team around the young horse. In addition, the fantastic atmosphere in Scandinavium helps to give the horses the experience needed to succeed at the major international jumping arenas.

Horse Breeders are invited
The Lövsta Future Challenge aims to promote Swedish horse breeding and therefore chooses, together with the Gothenburg Horse Show, to invite the breeders of all Swedish-born horses to watch the final from the first row. It is hoped that the initiative will motivate breeders to continue to contribute to the future of Swedish showjumping.

For more information regarding Lövsta Future Challenge visit their web site http://lovstafuturechallenge.se



At the Gothenburg Horse Show in 2020, two new international dressage classes for U25 riders were introduced. It was the first time that the international U25 dressage riders had the opportunity to ride at the stunning Scandinavium arena.

The international U25 riders competed in the Lövsta Future Challenge Grand Prix class on the Wednesday, and then competed in a Lövsta Future Challenge Kür on the Friday. The riders can start in U25 Grand Prix classes up to and including the year when the rider turns 25. In 2020, riders born in 1995 or later will have the opportunity to ride in that class. 

The programmes that the riders compete in are mainly of the same level of difficulty as the Grand Prix, but with slightly lower requirements for the number of steps in the piaffe, and leg-yielding is carried out in trot in the U25 programme.

The winners of the LÖVSTA FUTURE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL DRESSAGE were Josefine Hoffmann and Hoennerups Driver from Denmark.