GHS Young Rider Cup

This is it – the most prestigious youngster cup of the indoor season

GHS Young Rider Cup is a cup directed to jumping riders between 16 and 21 years old going for the indoor season in Sweden. The reward for the ten best achievers after the qualifiers is to participate in the final during Gothenburg Horse show.

Qualifiers 2019
Week no.41 October Gävle RS
Week no.42 October Billdals RK
Week no.46 November Strömsholms RF
Week no.47 November Flyinge HS 

Qualifiers 2020
Week no.5 January Helsingborgs FK
Week no.6 February Borås FK

Previous winners:
2015               Nicole Holmén
2016               Martin Knudsen
2017               Stella Röhlcke
2018               Teike Carstensen
2019               Janelle Larsson