Champion of Tomorrow

The stuff dreams are made of for all junior jumpers

The junior riders dream

This is the competition where you will see Sweden’s most talented junior jumping riders meet head to head in an international setting. An exciting class where today’s talents and promising future stars get a chance to ride in front of a major crowd and feel the atmosphere in Scandinavium. It will be a memory for life.

Qualifiers 2019
Week no.41 October Gävle RS
Week no.42 October Billdals RK
Week no.46 November Strömsholms RF
Week no.47 November Flyinge HSK

Qualifiers 2020
Week no.5 January Helsingborgs FK
Week no.6 February Borås FK

Previous winners:
2015               Stella Röhlcke
               Andrea Falk
               Julia Hallberg
2018               Cora Sidney Hirn
2019               Kajsa Björe