Arena Youth Tour

Arena Youth Tour

First launched ahead of the 2020/2021 winter season, the Arena Youth Tour is a joint jumping tour for young adults, where qualified teams get to start at both the Sweden International Horse Show at Friends Arena in Stockholm and at the Gothenburg Horse Show at Scandinavium. 

 The tour, which is a long-term initiative and is consistent with the ambitions of the two events and the Swedish Equestrian Federation to develop Swedish riding, is now returning with renewed vigour. The qualification rules for this year have now been presented, and they include a couple of changes.

During the autumn, four qualification rounds will be held, where the best 16 (eight juniors, eight young riders) will be able to compete in the Autumn Final during the Sweden International Horse Show. The four best juniors and the four best young riders from SIHS will qualify directly for the Spring Final during the Gothenburg Horse Show.

There will then be additional chances to qualify for the Gothenburg Horse Show by means of Second Chance and Last Chance, where four junior places and four young rider places will be awarded. A total of 16 riders will start the Spring Final during the Gothenburg Horse Show.

After the Gothenburg Horse Show, one final winner will be announced, and if the same rider succeeds in winning both the Autumn Final and the Spring Final, an extra bonus will be awarded.

This concept provides the country’s young riders with one joint series that aims to inspire and develop the next generation of international riders. The opportunity for young riders to start in arenas such as Friends Arena or Scandinavium, alongside the world’s best riders, provides them with invaluable experience.

Henrik Lannér has responsibility for juniors and young riders in the context of the national team, and he is positive about the concept. “From the point of view of the jumping leadership, we are delighted by the Arena Youth Tour, as it gives our young adults the opportunity to start at these elite international competitions. It is an unbeatable experience to be able to ride in front of a large audience and to be included in this international environment, and it provides our young riders with a clear goal ahead of the domestic season.”  

The classes for the juniors in 1.40 and young riders in 1.45. The riders use the same courses, and prizes are awarded jointly.

Arena Youth Tour, past winners 
Sweden International Horse Show - Alice Borglund
Gothenburg Horse Show - Izabelle Stolth

Champion of Tomorrow, Past Winners:
2015               Stella Röhlcke
2016               Andrea Falk
2017               Julia Hallberg
2018               Cora Sidney Hirn
2019               Kajsa Björe
2020              Julie Carlberg

GHS Young Rider Cup, Past Winners:
2015               Nicole Holmén
2016               Martin Knudsen
2017               Stella Röhlcke
2018               Teike Carstensen
2019               Janelle Larsson
2020              Erik Nordström