Arena Youth Tour

Arena Youth Tour – new collaboration between the Sweden International Horse Show and the Gothenburg Horse Show! Sweden's two largest indoor events, the Sweden International Horse Show and the Gothenburg Horse Show, have organized a joint youth tour where qualified teams can compete at both the Friends Arena and Scandinavium.

The tour is a long-term investment on the part of the organizers, and is well in line with the two events' ambitions to develop Swedish equestrian sports, which is also a priority for Svenska Ridsportförbundet (The Swedish Equestrian Federation).

– It feels great that two of our biggest organizers have come together to do this for our young riders. To have the chance to ride at both the Friends Arena and Scandinavium in the same series is completely unique, and an invaluable experience for the next generation of riders on the national team, says Henrik Ankarcrona, Chef d’Equipe for Team Sweden.

The classes for the juniors in 1.40 metres and youth riders in 1.45 metres. The riders ride the same course and have a joint award ceremony.

Qualifications, season 2020/2021:

Week 4 Strömsholms Ridsportförening
Week 8 Kungsbacka Ridklubbb
Week 11 Borås Ridklubb

Week 12 Gothenburg Horse Show @Billdal Horse Show
Attention! Observe that the Arena Youth Tour Final will be cancelled during Billdal Horse Show 2021 due to the national competition stop because of the outbreak of EHV-1. 

Champion of Tomorrow, Past Winners:
2015               Stella Röhlcke
2016               Andrea Falk
2017               Julia Hallberg
2018               Cora Sidney Hirn
2019               Kajsa Björe
2020              Julie Carlberg

GHS Young Rider Cup, Past Winners:
2015               Nicole Holmén
2016               Martin Knudsen
2017               Stella Röhlcke
2018               Teike Carstensen
2019               Janelle Larsson
2020              Erik Nordström