Greatest fan tickets

The most desirable tickets of Gothenburg Horse Show!

Watch all the classes during Gothenburg Horse Show from the best seats in the arena. You will also get your name on your chair in Scandinavium, follow us back-stage, a digital picture from the arena, meeting our sport director and much more!

The ultimate experience for the horse lover!

In "Greatest Fan" the following is included:
Sequence tickets, a ticket to every class, in the middle of the long side close to the showground

You sit on the same seat during every class

"Back Stage"-tour, see the warm-up and the stables

Digital photo of you next to one of the fences in the ring

Discounts at the restaurants in the arena

Your own entrance

Coffee and a small chat with the GHS event organizer Tomas Torgersen

Unique offers from our sponsors

Price 3290 KR