Hööks Hästsport AB is Scandinavians leading organization within the equestrian sport and has a big assortment with everything for rider, horse and dog. We have many shops Norway, Denmark and Finland, but we also have an online shop.

Volvo cars 
The first Volvo was produced in Gothenburg already in 1927. Today Volvo Cars is one of the most well-known and reputable car brands in the world with a sale of 503 127 cars in over 100 countries in 2015. Throughout the years they have been part of many innovations – some of which revolutionized the world. This dedication is what thrives us forward to the next Volvo-idea. We protect what is important and we make people feel special. We are involved with helping the world and making it a better place for everyone.

Volvo trucks
Our trucks are an important detail in the function of society and its development. Our goal is to give quality in every detail, safety-thinking without reservation and solutions for a better environment. With us as a partner you can feel safe, regardless mission.

Horses makes a difference
Horses keep the landscape free, gives jobs and brings happiness to hundreds of thousands of people. The trot- and gallop sport gives opportunities so ATG can set a side 1,6 billion Swedish crowns to the equestrian sport, every year. This makes ATG the biggest sponsor, which supports a more living Sweden.

ATG Hopp & Talang

World class innovation
Our modern society is complex and requires high safety standards. Saab’s goal is to make as many people as possible to feel safe, both in their daily lives as in crisis. With involvement and world class innovation power we provide solutions which can protect the individual as well as society. By the way, do you recognize the rider which is waving happily in the Gripen? He passed the test and is today a proud Gripen-flyer.

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The innovation of the equestrian sport

Saab is investing in he equestrian sport in Sweden and provides them with innovation power. We can together create many exciting and new thinking solutions for the daily struggles of the sport. Hopefully, there will be more from the sport who will chose a technical path in their working career. It is not secret that the stable environment creates many good co-workers and leaders, especially for us at Saab.

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Agria Djurförsäkring
Agria Djurförsäkring is a specialist Company for animal- and crop Insurances and is a daugher Company of Länsförsäkringar.
Our values are expertise, animail friendliness and empathy.
We are an expertise Company, this means that our focus is to create safety for animail and their owners - we are where our clients are.
Many of our employees are Insurance intermediaries, and are animal owners as well and everyone shares an interest in animal.

Agria's trademark is built on a big inolvement in the Health of animals and research programs. You can also find us at different animals event, show, exhibitions, clinics and fairs. In our cooperation with animal organizations we have a continual dialogue with our clients.

Agria's yearly provides a veterinary research - In which we help with evolving the veterinary care and improving animal Health in various way

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For the younger ones we have Agria Pony club, where you can find kowledge combined with fun exercises.

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Agria has many strong profiles of the equestrian sport in Sweden - Jens Fredricson, Douglas Lindelöw, Rose Mathisen, Emelie Brolin, Carl Hedin, Victoria Almgren, Fredrik Persson and Johan Dengg are some of them. The latest recruitment in Team Agria is the Young, talented Felicia Grimmenhag wich is an upcoming star in para-equestrian-dressage.