There has been a lot of pressure on the impact-riding-cup of Sverigeponnyn with the final in Scandinavium since the start in 2017. Because of this, Gothenburg Horse Show and the Swedish Equestrian Federation has agreed on increasing the number of qualifications from six to twelve opportunities. In addition to this, you have to have five of the qualifications already during the fall. This year we also welcome our new partner, Leksands Knäckebröd.

The cup is open for riders who never has and are not qualified for the Swedish Championships for ponies in the category C or/and D. Furthermore, if you have participated in the final of the GP-ponny/Sverigeponnyn before you cannot be part of the cup. The riders are only allowed to participate with a pony in category C, and just like last year you can only participate with one pony.

A change since last year is that it is not only five riders that qualifies to the semifinal in Gothenburg from each qualification opportunity. Instead, the number of qualified riders from each qualification depends on the participation numbers. With 2-20 participants, one rider goes to the semifinal, with 21-40 participants, two riders go to the semifinal, with 41-60 three will qualify and if it is 61 or more, four riders will qualify. There is a maximum of 80 participants per qualification.

New partner – Leksands Knäckebröd

Youth sport and an active lifestyle are important values for Leksands Knäckebröd and one of the reasons why they want to collaborate with Sverigeponnyn.

Sverigeponnyn fits with the values of Leksand Knäckebröd with wanting to focus more on involvement and activity in the life of young people. Furthermore, the different places for qualification is spread all over the country, so you can participate without having to travel far, says Annika Sund – marketing manager at Leksand Knäckebröd.

The winner of Sverigeponnyn season 2017/2018 will become ambassador for the show for one year. Leksand Knäckebröd supports with a sponsorship which includes everything from branded products to training camps and support from a professional dietician.

Leksand Knäckebröd will also be a part of Gothenburg Horse Show during the 20th to the 25th of February and offer their famous Knäckepizza.

Good fast food is always a challenge. We have solved it with launching Knäckepizza that we will be selling during the entire event week. Try it at home and see how much more you are capable of when you eat a good and healthy meal. We will see you in Scandinavium, greetings from Annika Sund!

What is impact riding?

A jury will judge the rider with a protocol, looking at his/her position, impact, tempo and choice of route in the course. The desirability is that the rider has a good balance. The jury will look at the position of the body over and in between the jumps. Over the jumps it is important to be stable, be positioned straight over the horse and follow the horse in a good way.

The riders impact on the horse will also be measured. A good position with the body is preferred. The jury wants to see a rhythmic and planned riding with control. The riders impact should help the horse to jump better and the horse should react positive with the help of the rider (through legs, seat, arms, hands and voice). The tempo should be adjusted according to the horse and fit with the way the horse works and jumps. It is desirable that the tempo is as smooth as possible.

Impact – or style jumping as it is also called, is not a beauty pageant. It is enough that you are "whole and clean" and give a tidy impression. The horse can be braided or have a natural well-kept mane. If the horse has a lot of mane it might be an idea to braid something nice because of safety reasons.

The 10 best riders from the semifinal in Scandinavium on Wednesday the 21st of February will ride the final on Saturday the 24th – every pony riders dream!

Place of qualifications 2017: V.42 Skabersjö RF  V.43 Högbo RK V.45 Luleå RK V.46 Rappestads RK V.49 Jönköpings FK

Read more about who has qualified here 

Place of qualifications 2018: V.1 Helsingborgs FK V.2-4 Södertälje RK V.4 Billdals RK V.4 Umeå RF V.5 Borås FK V.6 Kalmar HK V.6 Sundsvalls RK

Semifinal 2018:  V.8, 21/2, Gothenburg Horse Show Final 2018: V.8, 24/2 Gothenburg Horse Show

Place of qualification and the time schedule can change depending on the Swedish Equestrian Federation.


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