Traditional and popular cup of impact-riding for our pony riders.

The show is open for pony riders in category C and is competing on the B-level. The four first places of qualification in our popular cup of impact-riding, Sverigeponnyn, in the season of 2018/2019 starts throughout the fall. Traditionally, the final will be held at Gothenburg Horse Show in Scandinavium.

Places of qualification 2018/2019

week 45 Skultorps RS
week 46 Båstads RK
week 47 Södertälje RK
week 49 Mantorpsryttarna

In the beginning of 2019, there will be even more places of qualification throughout the entire country, from north to south. When and where will be decided in the beginning of the new year.

The cup is open for riders which have not or is not qualified for the Swedish Championships for ponies in the C- or D-category. Furthermore, you are not allowed to be part of the cup if you have ridden in the final of the GP-pony/Sverigeponnyn before. The riders are only allowed to participate with one pony per rider, and the pony must be in the C-category.

The number of qualified riders from each place of qualification depends on the number of participants of that specific class. With 2-20 participants one rider goes to the final, with 21-40 participants two riders goes to the final, with 41-60 participants three riders and with 61 or more participants, four riders will go to the final. The maximum capacity of each class is 80 riders.

What is impact riding?

A jury will judge the rider with a protocol, looking at his/her position, impact, tempo and choice of route in the course. The desirability is that the rider has a good balance. The jury will look at the position of the body over and in between the jumps. Over the jumps it is important to be stable, be positioned straight over the horse and follow the horse in a good way.

The riders impact on the horse will also be measured. A good position with the body is preferred. The jury wants to see a rhythmic and planned riding with control. The riders impact should help the horse to jump better and the horse should react positive with the help of the rider (through legs, seat, arms, hands and voice). The tempo should be adjusted according to the horse and fit with the way the horse works and jumps. It is desirable that the tempo is as smooth as possible.

Impact or style jumping as it is also called, is not a beauty pageant. It is enough that you are whole and clean and give a tidy impression. The horse can be braided or have a natural well-kept mane. If the horse has a lot of mane it might be an idea to braid something nice because of safety reasons.