The best junior riders in the country have a big target over the winter season: to qualify for the Morgondagens Vinnare in Scandinavium.

The qualification seasons starts already Sunday the 24th of September in Ljungby, Sweden. Thereafter in Flyinge the 1st of October, Karlshamn the 15th of October. The final qualification is in Södertälje during week 49. The other qualification after the change of year is in Helsingborg week 5 and Borås week 6. The 16 best riders after all of the qualifications will ride the final.
The big final is with at Gothenburg Horse Show, Scandnavium with a big audience. It will be a memory for life!

Places of qualification:
v 38 Ljungby RK
v 39 Flyinge HK
v 41 Karlshamns RK
v 49 Södertälje RK
v 5 Helsingborgs FK
v 6 Borås FK
v 8 Final Gothenburg Horse Show

Foto: Claes Jakobsson

The qualification season kicks off on Sunday 2 October in Flyinge, to be followed by Billdal on 16 October, with the final qualifier of 2016 taking place in Södertälje on 2 December. The New Year qualifiers will take place in Helsingborg in Week 5 and Borås in Week 6. The best 16 performers from the six qualifiers (on the basis of their four best competitions) will go on to the final.

The big final will be ridden in front of packed grandstands during Gothenburg Horse Show in Scandinavium. It will be an occasion to remember!

The rules

Qualifier venues and date

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