Lövsta future challenge


The vision for Lövsta Future Challenge, which includes both jumping and dressage (however, only jumping during Gothenburg Horse Show), is to promote the development of the equestrian sport in Sweden. But also, to create a bigger base for Grand Prix riders. LFC Jumping is divided in young horses and U25 and both finals are executed during Gothenburg Horse Show. The Swedish 6-year old’s have to opportunities two qualify during the fall; at Norrköping Horse Show Autumn and Breeders Trophy in Flyinge. Ten just turned 7-year olds will compete against ten invited international 7-year olds in the final. It is a way to give the young horses some rutine in an international arena and to match our Swedish horses against international horses in the same age. Something that is new for this year edition is that there is an eleventh ticket for the young horses at Gothenburg Horse Show, which goes to the stallion who wins SWB Stallion Trophy.

Qualified  ekipage to the final iN Lövsta Future Challenge Jumping


2017/2018 is the fourth season of Lövsta Future Challenge Jumping U25, and we can see from previous riders such as Erica Swartz, Jonna Ekberg and Evelina Tovek that they are continuing having good result. That is one of the goals of Lövsta Future Challenge – to inspire and develop young talents towards an international career. The five U25-riders that are invited to Gothenburg Horse Show are born between 2002 and 1993. They have gathered ranking points from three opportunities during the fall and winter. In Scandinavium they get a chance to compete against the international riders in all classes, except for the World Cup and special classes. The rider who is best during the meeting at Gothenburg Horse Show wins LFC Jumping U25. You can recognize the riders by the green armband they are wearing.