Gothenburg Trophy

The honorable class of Gothenburg Trophy is determined during the Saturday evening show. With fantastic sport and a magical atmosphere in Scandinavium, you cannot miss this class! The jumps are 1.55 m high and with an exciting jump-off.


Foto: Claes Jakobsson

The prestigious Gothenburg Trophy class will be decided during Saturday’s evening session. The fantastic equestrian skills and magical atmosphere in Scandinavium will ensure it is a class not to be missed! The obstacles are 1.55 m high, with competitors completing an initial circuit before advancing to the decisive jump-off.

The winners of Gothenburg Trophy over the years:
1977 Gerd Wiltfang, West-Germany
1978 Eddie Macken, Ireland
1979 Hugo Simon, Austria
1980 Harvey Smith, Great Britain
1981 Fritz Ligges, West-Germany
1982 Bernie Traurig, USA
1983 Nick Skelton, Great Britain
1984 Eddie Macken, Ireland
1985 Rob Ehrens, The Netherlands
1986 Ian Miller, Canada
1987 John Whitaker, Great Britain
1988 Franke Sloothaak, West-Germany
1989 Thomas Fuchs, Switzerland
1990 John Whitaker, Great Britain
1991 Hervé Godignon, France
1992 Nick Skelton, Great Britain
1993 Nick Skelton, Great Britain
1994 Eddie Macken, Ireland
1995 Jan Tops, The Netherlands
1996 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Sweden
1997 Alison Firestone, USA
1998 Stefan Lauber, Switzerland
1999 Willi Melliger, Switzerland
2000 Ludger Beerbaum, Germany
2001 Ludger Beerbaum, Germany
2002 Toni Hassmann, Germany
2003 Marcus Ehning, Germany
2004 Robert Smith, Great Britain
2005 Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Sweden
2006 Jessica Kürten, Ireland
2007 Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Germany
2008 Jessica Kürten, Ireland
2009 Edwina Alexander, Australia
2010 Abdullah Al Sharbatly, Saudi Arabia
2011 Philippe Rozier, France
2012 Marcus Ehning, Germany
2013 Ludger Beerbaum, Germany
2014 Emma Emanuelsson, Sweden
2015 Peder Fredricson, Sweden
2016 Marcus Ehning, Germany
2017 Aldrick Cheronnet, France
2018 Robert Whitaker, Great Britain