Behind the scenes

Did you know…

… it is not only the horses that needs horsepower during the shows. To make everything work we need tractors, loaders, forklifts, pallet trucks, trolleys, hand trucks, wheelbarrows, high pressure washing, sweepers and – most importantly – coffee machines.

… every horse has its own power food.

…1500 shaving bales are used during the week.

… we save the ground from the arena every year. When there is not a show the ground is stored until next years show.

… every year we build-up and tear-down 30 different courses to every act during the show.

… the volunteers eat two cooked meals a day. During a week we serve over 3000 portions of food.

… the flowers arrive already Saturday before the show starts.

… the fences consist of more than 1000 parts.

… it is always Gothenburg’s Dog Youth that performs the Agility.

… the ice is left beneath the sand in the arena.

… a big part of the day before the competition starts goes to inspect all the horses who are participating

… some of the volunteers already start working on Friday the week before the show starts

… we use more than 150 ribbons during the week.